The Damare I.D.P camp located in Damare, Girei Local Government Area of Adamawa State, is a Camp made up of shanty huts built with polymer and thatched grass occupying about 2000 sq km of land.
It houses up to 1,200 occupants and about 167 households comprising of men and women, young and old, including infants and children and domestic animals.
They are the survivors of the devastating effect of insurgency. The locals arrived about 9-10 years ago from Boko Haram occupied territories including; Damboa, Bama, Michika, Madagali, Gwoza, etc. They are from the tribes of Marghi, Higi and Hausas and made up of both Christians and Muslims.

RIF’s visit to the IDP camp was to extend a hand of friendship and charity to the locals to relieve their hardship and provide some kind of employment so as to uplift their means of livelihoods and also to teach them agricultural production skills.
The visit was welcomed and met with enthusiasm from both the officials and the locals.

The locals were elated and welcomed the project. Hereafter, Twenty (20) individuals were presented with a token of N1000 each. Pictures were taken, inspection of Three (3) of the shanties were made, pleasantries were exchanged and a next visit was scheduled by RIF which will be communicated to the officials