Know-how transfer

Nigeria is the richest country in Africa

It represents 70% of the GDP of ECOWAS. With its 200 millions inhabitants, 440 millions in 2050, NIGERIA is going to be the third largest (per capita) country in the world. Lagos only, represents the wealth of Ivory coast, Senegal and Cameroon all together.

Since 2014, Nigeria has been encouraging emergence of its agriculture, creating many opportunities for Nigerian and International investors and companies looking developing businesses in Nigeria.

RIF is fully devoted to long-term and sustainable agricultural development in Nigeria. RIF considers that agriculture is a key opportunity for Nigeria which represents 26% of its GNP and 60% of its working forces.

RIF has an excellent position to fill the gap between Europe and Nigeria in terms of agriculture by :

  • transferring the western Know-how,
  •  contributing to local added value and hence with whose selected Joint Ventures;
  • helping for self-sufficiency, savings of foreign currency and education and training to high technology in agriculture.