What is RIF?

RIF is an international organization with extensive experience in the provision of agri-agro services, promoting development in our program areas. Thanks to our international shareholders, RIF has a global network in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean.

  • Our mission:  Boosting a sustainable agriculture through the empowerment of farmers using precise and innovative solutions.
  • Our vision:     Developing sustainable and progressive value-added agricultural chain in Nigeria.
  • Our values:    We believe in development that goes further than a “one off” commercial operation. We aim to build solid partnering with off-takers to anchor economic progress. RIF is founded on the belief system of:
        • Respect for and protection of the environment and society;
        • Social responsibility and enterprising spirit; and
        • Fostering economic efficiency.


What We Do

Created in 2017, RIF is a Nigerian company which facilitates the transfer of know-how from Europe to Nigeria in the sectors of agriculture and agri-food, thanks to our extensive experience in agri-agro related businesses. Specialising in crop farming, livestock, processing and accessing markets; we provide our customers with access to information, training, technologies, innovations, and supply technical and financial partners. Our goal is to ensure a fast, economic, sustainable and efficient transfer of skills.

RIF has three major areas of Focus:

  • Development and implementation of agricultural value chains
  • Investment in key agricultural sectors to transfer know-how (knowledge transfer)
  • The accompaniment of investors (Nigerian and international) and foreign companies wishing to position themselves on the market of agriculture and agribusiness

RIF is currently developing strategic niche projects for Nigeria:

  • Milk Collection Network
  • Genetic improvement of cattle and goat herds
  • Nutritional improvement of farms (ruminant, poultry, fish farming)
  • Intensive production in hydroponics and vegetable greenhouses
  • Certified organic soybean meal and sesame production