Business developement


RIF is an Abuja, FCT based Nigeria company specializing in international business services for non-Nigerian organizations. Our group assists companies, government region, and affiliate organizations in meeting their export marketing or investment promotion objectives in the Nigerian market.

Investment Promotion

We pride ourselves on offering dynamic and results-oriented marketing services that proactively promote our clients’ regions to Nigerian companies. For each project, we develop aggressive objectives and meet them, whether in terms of companies contacted, projects sourced or visits completed. At the end of each project or year, we request a thorough evaluation of the results of our work including areas that can be improved. Our clients continue to use our services due to our ability to provide results-oriented services at reasonable prices. Our clients’ long-term commitment to our company is a testament to our ability to balance these two requirements.

In general, we offer three types of services to our clients.

Project Specific

 We offer a project specific service that targets industries or related areas for a limited period of time. Typically, these projects run for several months and focus on quickly generating new leads and interest for a client region. 

Trade Show Mission

If a certain trade show is targeted by a client, we can complete direct marketing activities and set-up meetings with interested companies at a particular trade show. This type of project is typically begun months before the trade show takes place. 

Ongoing Representation

By representing a region on a longer-term basis, we act as the Nigerian office for the region and develop ongoing marketing activities on the client’s behalf. These activities include continued proactive direct marketing as well as promotional activities.

Export Marketing

We have helped many international companies develop Nigeria as an export market especially in agri-agro related products and services. For each client and product, we develop a customized strategy utilizing our extensive experience and taking into account the objectives and resources of the client. Our ability to develop and implement effective marketing strategies is due to our proactive marketing approach and extensive sales and marketing experience. Our team is composed with our associates with experiences of 40 years of working with Nigeria, and managers with 20 years of international marketing experience.

Project Types

In general, we offer three types of export services to our clients. 

Market Study

Market studies provide a vital understanding of a product or industry area. Our research and analysis presents the essential information needed to successfully develop a strategy to penetrate the Nigerian market. Our reports examine market conditions and product trends, pricing and distribution structure, competitor and regulatory situation, as well as recommended strategies. The scope and size of the report is customized to the needs and objectives of each client.

Partner Search

Our partner search service identifies and evaluates appropriate marketing partners and end-users for each product including importers, distributors, agents, licensing partners and other companies. We first identify well-targeted companies who have the ability to act as a long-term marketing partner. We then qualify each company and present product and company information for their review. After a series of interviews, the best candidates are selected based upon criteria developed with the client. 

Trade Mission

For a group of companies seeking to develop the Nigerian market, we offer a trade mission service that coordinates meetings and travel during a specific time period. Often the trade mission is done in conjunction with a trade show or industry event and focuses on locating marketing partners and gathering industry information.